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Since September 2014 Innovus has worked with Sellafield Ltd to support projects through Proof of Concept and Prototype Development stages, the so-called Valley of Death, where investment is too risky and where innovators find it difficult to justify the time and expense needed to develop their novel solutions.

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Sellafield Ltd has teamed up with Innovus to work with small and medium sized enterprises, universities and larger companies nationwide to unlock the potential for game-changing innovation in pursuit of its mission.

From the earliest stage, we want to work with you and your company to develop ideas that have potential to meet industry challenges. We will support ideas at the earliest stage with expertise, knowledge of the key challenge areas and up to £5,000 funding. Once the idea is ready, it can progress to the proof of concept stage and then on to prototype development, using the Innovus gated process, with more substantial investment available as well as access to world class facilities and capabilities.

It’s all designed to support the development of the idea and give it the best chance of success. All through, your intellectual property is protected by a non-disclosure agreement and there is no call on it by Innovus, Sellafield Ltd or any other organisation.

Working together, Sellafield Ltd and Innovus aim to encourage innovation and collaboration in order to match solutions with challenges and to support new technologies, ideas, and methods which can accelerate the delivery of this challenging programme, reducing the cost, reducing the risk and making operations safer

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